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Tarot Journaling

“After the writer’s death, reading his journal is like receiving a long love letter.” A personal record of occurrences and experiences; a periodical presentation of events and a dairy that denotes happenings that have stimulated our spiritual or psychic lives: behold, the art of Tarot journaling.

If you have spent quality time shuffling through the mysterious of the Tarot Cards you once invested in and have had the courage to  reach out for solutions through these cards then here I am applauding you for following your intuition. And furthermore, offering you another opportunity to explore, retain and learn from the messages these mystical cards offer you via a Tarot Journal.

A Tarot Journal is an acute dairy that can be used professionally to record Tarot notes about meanings, spreads or interpretations of cards or a personal diary that is passionately used for personal thoughts, insights & observations of our self-journey through readings.


Witnessing your own journey may seem as a complex and odd intent but it’s the very basic benefit of these magical cards. The Tarot cards are representative of aspects of human conditioning and “through our interaction with them, our awareness of the great truths is activated”. As you continue to work with these cards and record your readings in a journal- you’ll be able to connect card meanings to your life log and form patterns of your behaviour and responses to life situations. This awareness will also ease your journey as you begin to let go of things you can’t control and think before you act. With a deeper understanding of the personal messages these cards hold, your professional readings and intuition are also advantaged.

There are a number of ways in which you could pen or blog your thoughts. You could invest in a dairy, a professional Daily Spread Tarot & Oracle Journal or  just type away. You could begin with a ‘card-for-day’ scheme where you begin to record your thoughts and feelings towards that particular card pick & learn to notice how it relates to you. Or if you are in a more advanced stage then go ahead with a spread reflection and observation in your journal.

There are particular things that one should jot down about a card:

☾ First Impressions: How does it make you feel? What do you associate with it?

☾Detailed Description: Write down the description of the symbols, characters, colours and landscape present. (aspects you missed out on first glance- do they change your view of the card?)

☾ Numerological/Astrological/Suit Details: What Astrological sign or number does this particular card represent? Does that add any further value or characteristics to this card? For example, The High Priestess is represented by the number 2 (Duality, Confusion, Choices). Also, we should note down the particular suit the card belongs to, for example, cups symbolise water and therefore cards that associate with relationships and emotions.

☾ Some Meanings: Collecting meanings from different sources (journals, articles and books) to help formulate the overall interpretation of the card.

☾ Someone: Does this particular remind you of someone or some situation that impacted you? Hold on to that feeling.

Anyone can benefit from a Tarot Journal, someone searching for answers or someone learning to perform readings. But like all things spiritual, a regular practice and openness to the idea is key.